In the shadow of the Petruzzelli theater lives history and tradition

County seat of a beautiful city, third biggest in the South of Italy and unique for its history and traditions.
Tourist are instantly attracted by the cheerful and loving population. Can’t miss a visit to the fish market called “N-dèrr’a la lanze”, which literally means to putaship or boatafloat out ofdock . Listen to the fishermen selling their typical octopus which is shaken in big tubs.
The Patron Saint Nicholas, worshiped by the Catholic and Orthodox church, has given birth in all the world to Saint Nick also known as Santa Claus. For this reason a visit to the Basilica of San Nicola is a must! Here you will also find the remains of the Saint which were smuggled from the Dome of Myra in 1087.
Bari should be lived at least for a day and savored in each and every aspect to understand why Bari’s inhabitants compare it to Paris, even if Paris doesn’t have the beautiful Adriatic Sea.