Gioia del colle

A town that grew around a Byzantine castle

Gioia del Colle is situated on the plateau of the Murge. It’s story is unique and interesting, it’s symbol is represented by a chalicefull of jewelleryand engraved with farm symbols.
A legend is related to the town, it narrates that the Emperor Fredrick II of Svevia fell in love with a young lady, Bianca Lancia. They had three children but their love story was kept secret because of the Emperor’s previous marriage. Due to frederick’s gelosy she was imprisoned in the Tower of the Castle. Feeling humiliated and anguished she decided to cut off her breasts. She sent these with her youngest son Manfredi on a silver tray to the Emperor before dying. The people who lived in the
Castle say to have heard her cries of pain in the ancient rooms.
In the castle you can also visit the National Archeological Museum with important findings of the Monte Sannace site This visit will surely take you back in time.