Locorotondo and Martina Franca

The marvelous Itria Valley

Locorotondo and Martina are together with Cisternino the magical jewels of the Itria Valley.
Locorotondo, since 2001 is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, maybe for its narrow streets where you can stroll and admire the white constructions of limestone and balconies full of flowers and spice plants.
The town owes its name to the initial circular form where later the town developed and grew. The “fornelli” are typical barbecues where fine meat and the famous “gnumeredde” (the interior of lamb cooked in earthstone pans) can be tasted.
The nearby Martina Franca is known for its Baroque and Rococò architecture and the famous Itria Valley Festival which takes place for over forty years, it hosts artists and singers from all over the world.
A particular characteristic is noticeable in the streets of the old town is the biochrome of the bricks of the old streets, black for those who lead towards the outskirts, white for those which lead to the center.
Martina is the most populated town in Puglia, even having small dimensions, maybe because a Martinese rarely chooses to leave.