Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte Castel del Monte, the Crown of Frederick II in Puglia Castel del Monte possesses an exceptional universal value for the perfection of its forms, the harmony and the fusion of cultural elements coming from the North of Europe, the Muslim world and classical antiquity. It is a unique masterpiece of medieval architecture, […]


Altamura Altamura, its history and its bread Altamura is a proud, beautiful and noble city, with over 70 thousand inhabitants as well as for its history and culture. We are just over 40 km from Bari and 19 km from Matera, near the border with Puglia and Basilicata. This is Altamura, a city of history […]


  Close your eyes … Imagine a beautiful spring day, with a lovely breeze that touches your skin, an old farmhouse set in the Apulian countryside, surrounded by quiet green corners where you can sunbathe or read a book in the shade of a fruit tree or under a pergola …   Now open your […]


Alberobello In the middle of Trulli land Alberobello is a little town, unique for its medieval style perfectly kept. The ancient houses, the famous Trulli, built in the 15th century, came about thanks to the special need of being dismantled easily just by removing the keystone, often decorated with esoteric, spiritual or propitiatory characters. Since […]


Bari In the shadow of the Petruzzelli theater lives history and tradition County seat of a beautiful city, third biggest in the South of Italy and unique for its history and traditions. Tourist are instantly attracted by the cheerful and loving population. Can’t miss a visit to the fish market called “N-dèrr’a la lanze”, which […]

Castellana Grotte

Castellana Grotte In the discovery of the stalactites of the White Cave Located at the entrance of the Itria Valley, The Grotte ofCastellana are one of the most important attractions of Puglia and natural heritage of inestimable value to Italy.The caves wind along a distance of 3 km to more than 60 meters deep in […]

Gioia del Colle

Gioia del colle A town that grew around a Byzantine castle Gioia del Colle is situated on the plateau of the Murge. It’s story is unique and interesting, it’s symbol is represented by a chalicefull of jewelleryand engraved with farm symbols. A legend is related to the town, it narrates that the Emperor Fredrick II […]

Castellaneta Marina

Castellaneta Marina Beaches for family Situated in the Ionic coast it’s an example of how a territory can be enhanced and become a beautiful area. The sandy beaches extend to about 9 kilometers among pine groves and dunes. It is also curious to note that all the streets are named after American and Russian astronauts, […]

Locorotondo and Martina Franca

Locorotondo and Martina Franca The marvelous Itria Valley Locorotondo and Martina are together with Cisternino the magical jewels of the Itria Valley. Locorotondo, since 2001 is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, maybe for its narrow streets where you can stroll and admire the white constructions of limestone and balconies full of flowers […]


Matera The beautiful city of Matera extends from theMurge to the Bradano river, an outstanding example of a rock-cut settlement, adapted perfectly to its geomorphological setting and its ecosystem and exhibiting continuity over more than two millennia. In the UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 1993. In between the two sassiBaresanoand the Caveoso was established the […]