The Orchards

The Farmhouse is surrounded by orchards flowering almost all year round.
The cherry orchard offers our guests fresh cherries for two months, from May to July each year;it covers seven hectares with crops of the variety “Ferrovia”, “Bigarraux”, “Giorgia”, “Lapins”, “Sweet Heart”, “Staccato”.
Two hectares are reserved for the fragrant apricots, the french variety “Farbaly”and “Fartoly”, which ripen in July and August.
The vineyard (table grapes) covers two hectares with the varieties of black grape “Midnight Beauty”, red grape “Scarlotta” and white grape “Sofia”. These varieties ripenbetween August and September.
The almond grovescover seven hectares with the two local varieties “Filippo Cea” and “Genco”;they provide the key ingredient in many typical sweets.
The last crop, introduced in 2014, was an orchard of two hectares of pomegranates, varieties Israeli “Wonderfull” and Spanish “Mollar 100”, characterized by the absence of seeds.
For the domestic consumption there are also figs, pears, persimmons, mulberries , etc.Our guest can pick fresh fruit directly from the trees almost all year round.