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Towards the future with a look to the past

Our world

The history of Tenute D’Onghia dates back to the eighteenth century. The farmhouse was built with fortified wallsby the Rosati family, from which it takes its name. The farmhouse was built according to the traditional architectonic rules, using arches and vaults, beams and lime. The Magistrate and President of the Supreme Court Domenico Rosati built the farmhouse in 1934; subsequently it was inherited by his son, Pasquale. In 1964 it was bought by Gianvito D’Onghia, grandfather of the present owners, and it was converted into a livestock farm. In 2005 his grandchildren formed an agricultural society renovating part of the old farmhouse and giving birth to the current TenuteD’Onghia.


At the reception, Nicola will take off his boots and welcome you to his home, he will guide you in the fields telling the story of our farm and will let you taste the products of the farm. The family welcome and participation in the life of the farm will make you fully experience the Apulian traditions.

The Farm

The Farm covers an area of about 50 hectares, with fruit trees full of scents and colors for more than eight months a year.


Staying with us you take a break from the frenzy of everyday life and have the opportunity to be in close contact with nature, trees, fragrant flowers and colorful fruits. A holiday for the body and soul, surrounded by nature in all its beauty. Children will enjoy a unique experience thanks to the activities on the educational farm.

The structure

The accommodation consists of 3 double rooms and 3 apartments that are provided with a kitchen.The rooms overlook a courtyard with two olive treeseach taking the name ofthe crops grown on the farm. The structure has a safe outdoorprivate parking area.


A large reception with an extensive display of fine local products which can be purchased, a modern kitchen and a spacious breakfast room with a fireplace complete the farmhouse.

The ancient family chapel built in the eighteenth century, most likely in 1788, the year engraved on the façade, is a unique example of its kind because it was built within the court itself and not outside as many in that time were. The entire chapel was restored in 2014, and its pictorial icons have returned to their original splendor.


Tenute D’Onghia are also located in a central position with respect to renowned locations, offering guests staying in the structure the possibility of moving easily to the various enchanting nearby destinations.

Eco-sustainable Farm

Organic by choice

The farm Tenute D’Onghia has chosen, since its beginning, to build its future on organic farming and on eco-crops; it has two photovoltaic plants for self-consumption and it has adopted the permanent grassing technique in order to preserve the ecosystem and to improve the fertility of the soil. These choices have been made to offer our consumers and guarantee a better product, with a low impact on the surrounding environment. In the light of this, we use advanced cultivation techniques, working with universities and researchers. Recently, we adopted the quality certification GlobalGAP to a ensure safe production for the consumer, traceability, environmental protection and workers’ health.


Organic agriculture means working every day to offer genuine and natural products, made with the lowest possible environmental impact and without the use of synthetic chemical products.

The Orchards

The organic farm is surrounded by orchards: cherry groves, vineyards, almond groves and olive groves, which offer guests fresh and tasty fruit to eat for over 6 months, from May to October every year, without interruption.


For the internal consumption of the family and guests, moreover, on the farm there are fioroni trees, figs, pears, persimmons and mulberries.


The Tenute D’Onghia are a garden of fruit to be picked always fresh from the plant available for most of the year.

The animals

Life on the farm

The Tenute D’Onghia hosts a small educational farm where a horse, a cow, two ponies, two donkeys, two sheep, five goats, several pigs, rabbits, chickens, geese, ducks, peacocks coexist: a real small zoo.


It is also possible to see animals walking in the woods orpet them in the barn.

How to reach us

By plane
Bari – Aeroporto di Bari Palese
Distance: 45 km – Travel time: 45m


Brindisi – Aeroporto di Brindisi Casale
Distance: 75 km – Travel time: 1h15m


By train

Gioia del Colle station, reached with the Ferrovie dello stato

Distance: 3 km


By car
Autostrada A14 – exit Gioia del Colle

turn left towards Santeramo in Colle, you will find directions to the hotel, on the right
Distance: 2 km

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