Breathe the ancient scent
of the Mediterranean scrub

A beautiful green wood, a typical example of the vegetation that covers Bari’s Murgia, offers greatemotions for those who want to dive into a magical atmosphere of oak trees.

The Fitness trail

Along the wood runs a one kilometer trail delimited by a fence and eleven fitness stations, a real paradise for those who want to practice sport in the open air. All the stations are illustrated in detail to guide the guests in the various levels of exercise, from beginners to experts.


At the entrance of the wood there is a playground for children and picnic tables.


Strolling through it you can discover all the undergrowth, its odors and colors, a beauty for the sight of those who luckily can pick a brilliant wild cyclamen, a peony or a scented wild rose or run into tiny asparagus, which are very tasty and somewhat rare. It will be a different experience every time, because every season donates different shades and scents.

Would you like to experience the tranquility of the forest?